Improving Work Performance and Wellbeing



Manufacturing – National Manager

Business Need

Enhanced wellbeing and workplace performance

  • Improved resilience and optimism
  • Improved communication and confidence at work

Our Approach

A one-on-one Executive Coaching Program was developed to enable a focus on the individual development needs. It took place over 12 months and included:

  • Pre-program participant questionnaire
  • Familiarisation Meetings (Participants and Managers): Clarification of program goals, expectations, strengths and areas of development
  • Further Assessment: Work/life balance and shadowing to observe participants’ leadership & communication style and to assess, first-hand, demonstrated behaviours
  • Feedback Reports: Highlighting strengths and opportunities for further development, (focussing on both addressing skills gaps and capitalising on known strengths)
  • Coaching Meetings: Series of meetings during which development actions were identified and progress assessed
  • Post-Program Evaluation: Participant program evaluation to identify satisfaction, progress and recommended future strategies


Evaluation feedback indicated:

  • The achievement of goals and sustainability of strategies moving forward
    “I would like to thank Mary for defining a pathway to establish a more confident approach to life (generally) and suggesting methods to help cope with the stresses that arise in our everyday working / personal lives.”
  • Now doing differently:
    o More actively participating / contributing at a senior level within the business.
    o Practicing methods learnt to cope with work / life pressures & the daily stresses of life.
    o I believe I am more confident professionally and I have a better understanding of managing daily stresses and what’s required to achieve work / life balance.”