Improving Work Performance and Wellbeing


I believe I am more confident professionally and I have a better understanding of managing daily stresses and what’s required to achieve work/life balance…I would like to thank Mary for defining a pathway to establish a more confident approach to life (generally) and suggesting methods to help cope with the stresses that arise in our everyday working/personal lives.

Brendan Newton,
National Manufacturing Manager,

Bayer is extremely lucky to have Mary working with them and I hope this continues for the benefit of the employees. Mary is able to work with people holistically – not just focusing on work tasks. Thoroughly enjoyed our meetings and developed and will continue to develop from the process.

Ben Smith,
National Key Account Manager,
Bayer CropScience

Very wise and insightful. Mary was quickly able to develop an understanding of my situation and create a program that dealt with fundamental issues...My short time with Mary will resonate throughout my professional life, but it will also have impacts on other relationships as well.

Maureen Johnson,
Manager Women's Consumer Health Information,
The Royal Women's Hospital

Many thanks Mary – the program has been a highly engaging and inspiring professional development experience, tailored at every opportunity for practical application.

Lesa Koffyberg,
Manager, Clinical Development,
Royal District Nursing Service

Appian worked with National Custodian Services (NCS) since 2001 delivering leadership programs that have enhanced our leaders’ capability to coach staff. They have clearly demonstrated through their programs, that they can deliver practical pathways that assist in building strong business performance and sustainable growth. Appian provides effective measures of assessment and ongoing evaluation to facilitate change and measure results. Their particular expertise in developing leaders is second to none.

Marina Pitisano,
Culture Change Manager,
National Australia Bank.

Mary is warm, personable and able to relate to all walks of life. She delivered highly practical, as well as evidence based, solutions that can be implemented immediately. My team found the workshop highly valuable at a stressful time and we use these exercises everyday both individually and as a team. Thanks Mary, can’t wait to get you back for more!

Lisa Kinross,
Head of National Water & Safety Centre, Chisholm Institute

The (coaching) sessions were well structured and engaging. Mary, you are excellent at drawing out ideas and strategies with a minimum of fuss. You demonstrate a strong level of empathy which is something that I respond well to. You quickly send me summaries of our discussions along with tips, examples etc which was gratefully received. I achieved everything and more than expected through the coaching program. I believe that I am a lot more resilient now than before commencing the program.

Thor Hansen
City of Casey