Improving Work Performance and Wellbeing

Group Coaching


National Custodian Services (NCS) is a Business Unit within National Australia Bank. Coaching is one of their core Leadership Behaviours to develop people and achieve continual improvements.

Project Overview

A Group Coaching pilot program was developed for NCS Leaders, followed by a program rollout for the broader National Custodian Services middle management team. Project objectives included:

  • Develop effective leadership at all levels through coaching
  • Enable excellence in individual performance
  • Foster the talents and potential of all employees
  • Support their strategy for an empowered organisation that maximises the talents of individuals and teams
This case study is documented in an Australian Coaching Book called "Releasing the Potential of Managers – Australian Coaching", Deakin Prime

Our Approach

A Group Coaching program was developed for 81 managers .The program structure included:

  • Pre-program survey to identify participants’ effectiveness in coaching behaviours
  • Workshop 1
  • Practical application in the workplace (Participant tasks and Peer review meetings)
  • Workshop 2
  • Practical application in the workplace (Participant tasks and Peer review meetings)
  • Post-program survey to identify improvements in coaching behaviours


The pre- and post-program survey results indicated participants’ coaching behaviours assessed as ‘Very Effective’ to ‘Role Model’ increased by 13% following the completion of the program.

Feedback from the participants themselves indicated:

  • 82% agreed that the coaching program improved their informal and formal coaching behaviours
  • Improved their confidence coaching team members and peers
  • Improved communication
  • Happier staff and improved leadership
  • The ability to free up time to focus on other activities
  • Improved ability in obtaining ideas and solutions from others