Improving Work Performance and Wellbeing

Online Learning and Webinars


Navigating through these unprecedented and challenging times can impact our psychological health and wellbeing. If you are interested in learning at your pace and exploring insights from Positive Psychology and Neuroscience, then explore our Online Learning School - Coachuwellness.

We are currently creating a Thrive series that will include modules on:

  1. Renew your energy
  2. More mindfulness less stress
  3. Feel grateful and thrive

We currently have available for you to explore:

  • a FREE - Mindfulness Meditation Immersion Online Course 
  • Recorded live webinars to watch, reflect and learn: Manage your Empathy and Energy, Developing Resilience, Developing Emotional Flexibility and Feel Grateful and Thrive

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Now more than ever is the time for us to be proactive about creating small moments of happiness and calm in our days. Especially given the findings in psychology research that show us how positive emotions can undo the effects of stress and support our focus and productivity.

We are proud to have created this webinar series to support the wellbeing of your staff and organisation.

Webinars are hosted using Zoom technology:

  •  A maximum of agreed participants per webinar to allow for effective session engagement
  • Webinars can be viewed via Zoom Desktop or Mobile App

During the webinar:

  • webinar duration is 1.5 hours
  • slides, videos, audio and activities will be used during the presentation
  • participants will be invited to interact regularly with Q&A, polling, chats and activities throughout the webinar
  • participants can communicate privately or openly to the facilitator
  • participants can also interact with each other e.g. sharing questions, comments or using the like icons

At the end of the presentation:

  • participants are invited to complete a brief survey
  • feedback and a participant list will be emailed to stakeholders 
  • participants will be emailed a PDF summary of the webinar






Developing resilience – how to bounce back fast

In this session you will become familiar with a model and strategies to help you to steer through adversities, bounce back from challenges to flourish and thrive.

· Understand resilience and the benefits of developing your resilience

· Assess your resilience and how it impacts your ability to cope

· Learn key resilience strategies

· Develop an action plan

Developing emotional flexibility to embrace change and thrive

In this session you will learn how managing your emotions can enhance your wellbeing and work performance outcomes.

  • Understand the importance of emotional flexibility and the stress response
  • Explore using an emotions wheel to enhance your awareness and acceptance of your emotions
  • Develop an action plan

Achieve mindfulness and contentment in a stressful world

In this session you will explore positive psychology and neuroscience based mindfulness strategies to enhance feeling calm, engaged and focused.

· Understand how mindfulness can enhance your focus, contentment, happiness and performance

· Learn how to regulate your attention, and explore mindfulness strategies to support you at work and in life.

· Develop an action plan

Mindfulness meditation immersion and implementation

In this highly practical session you will explore a range of mindfulness meditations to support you to shape your mind to greater happiness, success and peace.

· Understand how to be mindful and meditate

· Experience different meditations across the session

· Reflect on the benefits and impact

· Learn strategies to overcome obstacles to practice

· Develop an action plan

A sample of feedback from our 2020 webinars:

  • “I have walked away feeling great”
  • “I really like Mary’s approach. I enjoyed the webinar learning and the webinar approach could be something you can consider in the future even outside of Covid restrictions.”
  • As we all know webinars are very reliant on a great facilitator, Mary was absolutely fantastic and I was totally captivated in everything she was saying. I really wasn’t sure what to expect, but it was fabulous and I’m already feeling my stress levels lower. It was easy, relatable and useable in our day to day lives. I loved the short activities and how there was the option to keep comments anonymous which made it easier for people to share, and it was really relatable when people did share. I am coping pretty well with the change but I like to be proactive with my mental health and it was still 100% useable. Not one part of the content I found was irrelevant. I know we are all in this change together but it certainly made me feel less isolated and that others were feeling the same and that is OK!!!I can’t wait for the next one!!
  • "What I liked about this webinar - excellent presenter, tips and taking time for myself"