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Take back control

"When you stop worrying about what you cannot control, 

you have time to change the things you can control and that changes everything” 

by @Marcandangel

In our latest podcast episode (Take back control), we focus on one key part of Mental Toughness - Control, which is very relevant right now during these uncertain and challenging times.

It is important as it can also support us to make a positive difference in our lives and in the world right now. 

Information shared on this episode:

  • what does it mean to have low control for adults and children
  • taking a positive view by identifying our achievements
  • visualising themselves making a real difference
  • having manageable plans
  • importance of relaxing and emotional management strategies
  • identifying your stressful situations you want to change
  • writing down your worries
  • having a daily routine for work and non-work activities
  • using reflective questions to increase our sense of control: how do you react?; how should you respond?; what is in your control right now?
  • what has felt our of your control?

If you would like to assess and debrief your mental toughness and get support in this area, please get in touch.

You can listen to this "Coachuwellness" episode on your favourite podcast platform:




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