Improving Work Performance and Wellbeing


Supercharge Your Wellbeing and Productivity

It's 5.15pm on a Monday and you are still working through emails after a long busy working day. If you are feeling tired or stressed consider 3 key tips that you can implement to recharge your wellbeing and enhance your productivity.

1. Take a short break. Just one 5 minute break every hour can make a difference. Mental concentration is similar to a muscle, says John P. Trougakos, an assistant management professor at the University of Toronto Scarborough and the Rotman School of Management. It becomes fatigued after sustained use and needs a rest period before it can recover. Short breaks are also linked to having a smaller waistline, lower body mass index (BMI), and lower triglyceride levels. For examples of some activities go to:

Click here - ideas to take a break

2. Schedule walking meetings. Do you exercise at work? James Levine, a professor of medicine at the Mayo Clinic, has done studies showing that workers who remain sedentary throughout the day are impairing their health. For inspiration or resources on how to organise your walking meetings go to:

Click here - ideas for walking meetings

3. Use positive visualisation. Visualisation is a healthy way of bringing positive energy into your mind, body and spirit. There are many studies showing that visualisation has remarkable physical health benefits, including improving immunity, decreasing stress and relieving insomnia. Take 5 minutes and focus on your breath. Generate a positive image or thought such as a recent holiday. Consider what feelings and thoughts you associate with this image. Alternatively put on headphones at work and take a guided meditation online:

Click here - online guided meditation

Try one at work!

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