Improving Work Performance and Wellbeing


Improving Your Worklife Balance

Balancing your work and life relates to the life domains that are distinctive and important to you. We feel balance in these domains when the domains that we value such as “family” are reflected through our behaviour and our level of satisfaction. Research conducted for the Australian Work and Life Index report suggests there is less difference between the generations than you might think when it comes to attitudes towards working, and the great similarity is everyone would rather work less. Source

In order to create better balance, consider which life domains you value and what you would like to improve. Your “Life domains” include the following areas:

  1. Personal – your variety of close friends; time spent reflecting / meditating; social interactions are important for wellbeing
  2. Health – your focus on exercise, nutrition, and medical needs
  3. Family – spending adequate quality time, family contact and gatherings
  4. Financial – involves financial planning and current job income
  5. Career – your engagement in your career, plans and opportunities are important
  6. Community – your involvement in community activities or involvement in associations or projects can enhance our wellbeing

Here are some worklife balance tips:

  • When thinking about change, consider what the cost is to you continuing on your current path? What effect does your current balance have on your wellbeing, health, productivity and relationships. Are your life domains out of balance?186420-asleep-at-work.jpg
  • Set boundaries and cut back on your commitments to ensure you are spending the time on the life domains you value the most.
  • Develop specific goals and actions that turn your ideas for improvement and change into action.
  • Stop multi-tasking to enhance your productivity and enjoyment of task. Practice mindfulness meditation. Follow your breath for a minute to increase your focus and decrease the distractions.
  • Nurture yourself by eating well, being active, sleeping well, doing things that you enjoy and trying new hobbies or activities.

“Living a healthy and balanced life creates a blanket that your wellbeing rests on” (Soulseeds, 2012)

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