Improving Work Performance and Wellbeing


Finding Wellness Using Positive Psychology

Positive psychology is the scientific study of the strengths and virtues that enable individuals and communities to thrive. It is more than just about how to feel happy or have positive emotions. At an individual level, it can also focus on enhancing our strengths, hope, compassion and resilience. At an organisational level it can focus on the

 strengths that foster better work environments, communities and leadership.

Consider the following 3 tips to enhance your wellness:

  1. Increase your positive emotions through a gratitude journal. Or try an App Gratitude App

Benefits often include feeling happier and sleeping better. When using it elaborate in detail about a particular thing for which you are grateful, rather than creating a long list.

2. Increase your positive traits by boosting hope. Think about your upcoming year and imagine you are engaging in activities that are pleasing and working towards important goals; write out the details to create real possibilities. For more information go to:


3. Increase the positivity in your team or organisation by increasing your positive communication. Express more positive statements than negative by:

  • Expressing appreciation
  • Being supportive
  • Be helpful
  • Show approval
  • Provide compliments

Is your ratio at the ideal level of 5 positive comments to 1 negative? For further information on the ideal feedback ratio read the HBR article:

Finally remember, wellness is a mindset that should be designed into the present.

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