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Boost your immune system - staying well, working and the Covid-19 virus

If you want to learn more about what you can do for your nutrition right now during Covid-19, listen to our latest Coachuwellness Episode 7: Boost your immune system – staying well, working and the Covid-19 virus.

Our special guest on this Episode, is Nicole McAullife, CEO and Director of the Create Wellbeing Group. Nicole is a clinical nutritionist with a growing practice, a coach and facilitator with over 20 years in the corporate environment.

Some of Nicole's tips include:

  • whole foods; organic or washed well
  • foods that can enhance our mood and reduce inflammation
  • vitamin c rich foods
  • eat protein with every meal; it is important for our immune cells
  • eliminate highly processed and sugary food as they leave your body in deficit and affect your gut
  • how to take supplements
  • getting Vitamin D
  • intolerances and nutrition
  • brain and gut connection
  • importance of breathing, self compassion to enhance your digestion 

Please listen to this Podcast on Apple, Spotify and Listen Notes

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