Improving Work Performance and Wellbeing


Positive Coaching

What Expert Coaches Do To Develop Leaders

At the World Congress of Positive Psychology (June 2013), David Peterson, who is currently Goggle’s Director of Leadership and Coaching, and has been feature...
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Positive Outcomes Through Positive Psychology Coaching

Positive Psychology is a scientific field of study that focuses on optimal human functioning through effective interventions to build thriving individuals, o...
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Recent Post

Cultivate an attitude of gratitude - Podcast Episode

In our latest podcast episode (Cultivate an attitude of gratitude ), Danny Blackford and I focus on strategies to cultivate your gratitude and increase ...
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Social media pause

I am back today after taking a social media mini vacation over the weekend-lol. I just wanted to share the thought process for me.I love creating conten...
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Mindful Journaling

Mindfulness is about cultivating our attention in the present moment without judgement.  There are many ways to cultivate our mindfulness outside medita...
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Navigating uncertainty

If you are feeling fear, frustration and unhappiness with the uncertainty of your current situation, lean on your self- care practices that give you com...
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Reducing Environmental Stress and Fatigue

On this podcast episode Danny Blackford and I interview, Lee Chambers, Environmental Psychologist and Wellbeing Consultant.Lee is based in the...
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